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7th-Sep-2006 05:59 pm(no subject)
In the shadows
Who: Reno and Irvine
Where: Bahamut Observatory
What: Warming fingers and ordering massage oils. Yeah. >.>
When: Sunday night, when Greed is out with Zabuza. Just because :D
Warnings: Hey it's Irvine and Reno, do the math ^_~

5th-Sep-2006 01:05 am - Greed and Zabuza IC RP - Closed
Who: Zabuza and Greed.
Where: A bar in Lithium portal, eventually.
When: Sunday night.
What: Talking about the monster issues.
Warnings: None, probably.

31st-Aug-2006 03:37 pm - Open RP
Irvy - thinking
Who: Irvine and whomever feels like joining in =D
What: Sewing by hand and general hanging out
Where: Library
When: Whenever...um...make it early evening someday
Warnings: None at this time but there probably will be

Duster draped over one arm, Irvine strolled in and out of the shelves looking for a book on hand sewing. He knew how to do basic stitches but wanted something a little stronger to better reinforce the torn pocket of his beloved coat.

Pulling a few books out, the sniper hummed as he went back to the low table and comfy chairs he'd claimed, thermos of hot chocolate where he'd left it next to the tiny sewing kit all SeeDs were given for minor repairs on their battle damaged clothing. Dropping duster and books on the table, Irvine picked the top one off his pile an dopened it, scanning the pages as he propped his feet up on the table.
29th-Aug-2006 01:24 am - AIM Log; Rufus and Wakka. Closed.
Who: Wakka and Rufus.
Drinking and drowning in their sorrows – well, Rufus does the drowning sorrows bit.
Just after Wakka revealed what happened at the ball.
Some random bar.
Drunk!Rufus, which means slight OOC-ness on his part.
Notes: Yes, you can get pizza at bars. At least, you can now. =D Also, this is kinda unfinished - Rufus!mun had to go, otherwise there'd've been more wallowing XD but we thought we'd leave it as is.

28th-Aug-2006 02:10 pm - IC RP log
Who: Caesar and Irvine
What: Astronomy assignment
Where: Astronomy tower
When: night time, duh
Warnings: excessive snuggling, and sheer length o__o;

A lesson in stars, and in the Star of WisdomCollapse )
25th-Aug-2006 09:04 pm - IC RP - Reno and Rufus. Closed.
Who: Rufus and Reno.
What: Rufus promised he'd go and see Reno - plus, he's all by his lonesome. :D
Where: Reno's dormitory.
When: Presumably before Reno's meeting with Tseng. (if after's easier, lemme know!)
Warnings: None!

In the shadows
Who: Tseng and Reno
What: Uh, Tseng wanted to talk
Where: The library
When: An hour before it closes

I don't know. Depends on what Tseng has in mind, could be a murder in cold blood in the worst case, sex in the best *grins*
21st-Aug-2006 05:48 pm - (Open RP) Polar Plunge~
Demyx - Dance water dance
Who: Demyx, and all the crazy people who replied to his thread... and anyone who happens by the skinny dippers and wants to join in!
What: Skinny dipping in the lake... yes, in winter
Where: Lake <3
When: Early evening... or something, after the snowfall.
Warnings: Probably a bunch of naked boys <3 nothing else... yet...
20th-Aug-2006 01:29 am - [Open to Anyone At All] IC RP
Who: Vincent Valentine
What: the end of researching.
Where: the library.
When: weekend. from late night to early morning, afternoon, and so on, depending on if/when he's found.
Warning/s: currently nonexistent.

perhaps blindly obsessed and unwilling to seeCollapse )
14th-Aug-2006 10:52 am - OOC: New muse
I am about to make you FF8 people very happy. I bring you the amazingly sexy Seifer Almasy (residing at scarred_knight) and even non FF8 people can cheer, because Seifer is bound to get into stuff. Just lettin' ya know his LJ so you can friend it.

I love writing for Seifer, so this should be a fun experience. So in review, Seifer is here and wants some lovin'. His mun is on the AIM service at JeweledSeraph, or on threads anytime because she obsessively checks her mail. I also have Caesar who is fun to poke.
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