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Madrian Sari Academy
School of Magic and Alchemy
9th-Nov-2006 11:15 pm(no subject)
MSA is now officially closed in my opinion.

Helios is up and accepting applications. Any questions, please refer to the info page on CrystalxMidgar or HeliosDotNet or comment here.

For you from MSA, you have until the 22nd to get your applications if you want to keep one of your current characters. If you have two seperate series characters, you can apply for both, but I prefer you stick to one and try someone new, but that's up to you.

Currently taken characters are:


So get those apps in quickly please. But elsewise, MSA is closed. It was fun while it lasted and I'm glad it lasted so long. You guys are all wonderful. Thank you for applying for MSA and participating.


- Shini-mod
5th-Nov-2006 10:32 pm(no subject)
Okay minna~ Helios is now open for you to apply for. Remember, please stick to only one of your current characters. If you have two you wish to play as and they're from two different series, go ahead and apply if you want. I will look over them and decide whether or not. Give or take on how requested the character is. Please put "First Choice" in the Subject for your Character App and Second Choice in the other. This way I know the first current character you want to keep.

Http://www.livejournal.com/~CrystalxMidgar is the link. Please go to Info to find the other links and read the rules minna!

<3 Love you all.

EDIT: Changed the link. Thank you Ceaser for pointing that out. x_x; I'll look at Apps tonight, but all accepting stuff will probably be done tomorrow night
2nd-Nov-2006 09:39 pm(no subject)
I suppose this has been needing a good post for awhile now. First off, sorry I've neglected MSA so badly. My Hiatus had ended back on Oct. 6th, but instead of posting in MSA and getting things going again I slowly let it die. The reason is my own lack of interest. I simply can't think of anything new for MSA to do and with so many hiatus' it didn't help.

At the current moment I'm finishing up the forum for Helios and will be at least setting it up for you guys can apply. That's another reason I've neglected MSA is for RL and Helios brain storming. I'll be posting a link to the application area where you can choose one of your current playing characters to apply for.

Helios, for your information, will be an all-type anime/game genre. Hell, you can even apply for Harry Potter or Pirates of the Carribean characters. The max at the current will be three. Each character must be from a different fandom. I'm doing this so that more characters are open and we don't have people roleplaying with themselves.

My final question to you guys is whether I should make it an all male RPG or leave it open for females too. Of course it'll be advertised in most Yaoi comms, but this way females can be open too. It's up to you guys and I'd like your opinion on it.

But yes, that's about it. MSA is dead and I'm sorry it didn't last the full year. It was a great time, but I think that school rps have just grown out of me. Helios is something that I'm trying to put my whole mind into. I already have at least 5-6 months worth of things to do and all I really need to do is to get the comms up and a few things created.

Once I have the app's up I'll allow you guys first pick at your three characters.

7th-Oct-2006 06:19 am - RP log whee
Tidus 2
who: Tidus and Zidane
What: Talking outisde
When: about a week and a half ago (Yes I suck at getting stuff posted)
Where: outside
Warnings: None? I don't think...

And then we'll throw kupo nuts at Axel's spiky head.Collapse )
30th-Sep-2006 08:55 pm - Eh...
Much as I love them I'm not doing a good job keeping up with them, so I'm going to drop Kadaj silver_souba and Gaara aishinobi

Working on getting Zidane up to speed again and he's the one that I perform best with, so I will stick with him. I used to be far more active with the monkey so I'll try and do better.

I hope this won't inconvenience anyone.
29th-Sep-2006 07:49 pm - [IC RP thread for Reno and Caesar]
In the shadows
Who: Reno and Caesar
What: Taking a break from studying and going out for a drink
Where: Some bar in the town probably
Warnings: Shameless flirting from Reno's part? Nah, don't know yet, we'll see.

20th-Sep-2006 02:25 pm - IC RP log
Who: Seify and Kimmy (aka Seifer and Kimbly)
What: The meeting of the roommates!
Where: their room, no duh
Warnings: possible swearing, explosions, who knows with these two?

Then again, it was SeiferCollapse )
18th-Sep-2006 06:19 am(no subject)
AC is now closed. I will be looking over it later and updating things accordingly. I will also put out advertisements tomorrow for the last time. Those who missed the AC have a week to tell me why, unless they already have a (*) and then they're kicked. Those who have not updated or participated within the last month will also be kicked. Simple as that.

Thank you minna.


Edit: These people did not post in the AC:

Sephiroth - icedzephyr - deviatesellen
Hojo - mistaken_genius - deviatesellen
Kadaj - souba_shadow - Azrael49200
Nanaki - redpawprints - turntable aurora
Marluxia - xpinkflowers - turntable aurora
Wakka - polynesianblitz - pitytehfoo
Haku - yuki_no_shinobi - Homunculus Wrath
Gaara - aishinobi - Azrael49200
Zidane - thief_heart - Azrael49200
Blank - ipwnzidane - Ordoranai

I'd also like to note that if you plan to RPG in a thread, please make sure you have plenty of time to reply back and forth. Simply posting once and taking forever to post again can be difficult on the original thread creator simply because it may push others away from posting then. So please be sure you have time to RP if you post in a RPG thread.

Thank you. Shini
10th-Sep-2006 07:40 pm - [Important mod annoucement]
Everyone, heads up, yo! A very important mod announcement, don't ya dare to miss this!

...well not that important really, but I just wanted to do that now that I can :D

So everybody, listen up:

1. Things have been a little slow here lately, surely everyone has noticed. Not much happening and all that.
Well we can't have that! MSA is going to end after 3 - 4 months. Do you realize what that means? You should be RPing! Your characters should be studying and partying and doing whatever they like to do like there was no tomorrow! Because soon there will be no tomorror!
...y'all scared already? Good, you should be.

Now the good news! I, your beloved Reno-mun, have been granted the powers of a mod!
This is because Yazoo-mommy is tired and she needs a vacation, which means someone has to babysit the kiddies and make sure everything runs smoothly while she's gone. This place is Yazoo's lovechild and I'm sure you all agree with me that this is simply the best RPG ever. If you don't agree I'll kick your ass and make you agree. I can do that, y'know. So we all better play nice and keep the school in one piece and make this place shine while she's gone!

So yeah, basically I'll be just coming up with silly events to keep us all entertained. And this is where I step down from my divine mod throne and plead that you partisipate in these events. Because it isn't much a party if I'm dancing all alone, ya know.

And now to the real announcement part of this pointless entry.

2. With a humble pleasure and childish exitement I'm here to announce the first actual big event that has been left to my responsibility.
Surely you all noticed it's winter. We've been enjoying all the fun stuff that comes with winter; snow, cancelled classes, freezing to death, more snow, snowball fights, dark nights... But surely you all have also noticed that one thing is missing. The highlight of the winter (at least to us who live in the side of the globe where white x-mas isn't just a dream), yes,
Shiva Day (MSA's x-mas) is coming up!

It's time for everyone to start singing x-mas carols, buy presents for your friends and just generally get in the x-mas mood!

The Shiva Day celebrations will start on 26th of September. Which is roughly in two weeks. More details about what exactly is going to happen then will be presented later, since yours truly only a few minutes ago found out about this task...

But yeah, I know it's rough with school's having started and all but let's not give up on our precious yaoi RP. Yaoi is necessary for the healthy mental developement of a teenager, I would know, I major in psychology. Not to mention it is a great stress relief. So I really look forward to seeing each one of you get more active.

Okay, that was all. Shush, go have fun and make daddy proud~
10th-Sep-2006 08:54 am - [AC]
Yes, yes, I know it is late. But still, here is the lovely AC (activity check). For those who don't know what to do, you simply reply to this post with either your character's account or that of your regular account stating that your character is still active and wishes to rp.

In example all you have to post is this: "Yazoo" but of course it better be your character and not mine. *sticks tongue out*

Questions for this AC are about events and the future RPG Helios (the sequel). MSA is after all coming to an end soon with about 3-4 months left.

1. What type of worlds would you like to see as server names? There are 7 worlds with 13 servers each and also a main home central server, making a total of 14. The worlds so far are Gaia, Terra, Life, Chaos, Helios, Earth, and..Twilight I believe was the last one. Most home central towns have been choosen, but I need help with the 13 servers.

2. What monsters would you like to see appear in Helios?

3. In Helios, it's based in a RL world as well as a online world. Helios is the online, Midgar is the RL world. What events would you like to see?

4. As MSA is ending, what events would you like to see be done just before the place ends?

5. I know I asked this before, but what series would you like to see in Helios?

6. Do you guys have any questions?

Okay, now that those things are stated, I'd also like to make a note that IC wise all characters should be studying for their first set of finals which I'll set for the 20th of September this month. So just write in the LJs like finals are coming. The next finals won't occur until December 1st.

On a lighter note, I will be leaving MSA to Kuja's and Reno's control while I take a small one month hiatus (having already start and will end on October 7th). I will still be here to post in events, which I do hope Reno and Kuja start for RPs and the sorts, but elsewise that is if. You need to contact me I will be on MSN still (Heather_Tsouki@Hotmail.com) or you can just send me an email to that account.

AC ends on the 17th. ^__^ <3

Also, please check the Dorm Page, to see if you have a dorm. I did switch a few people up. We can now also assume that the former Odin tower is back up for those in Odin, so you should be going back to that tower. The lovely barriers will be going up on the 25th. :3
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