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Madrian Sari Academy
School of Magic and Alchemy
RP log whee 
7th-Oct-2006 06:19 am
Tidus 2
who: Tidus and Zidane
What: Talking outisde
When: about a week and a half ago (Yes I suck at getting stuff posted)
Where: outside
Warnings: None? I don't think...

Tidus sighed as he poked his head out of the library and glared at the snow. Then he stepped out and headed back to his dorm room, thankful that Odin tower had been rebuilt so he could get the hell away from the two creepiest roommates he'd ever had.

Zidane was, as usual, out and about. Zack seemed like a nice guy and everything and they'd been room-mates before the tower and gone boom, but the blonde hated being cooped up inside. And although it was not that snowy at all on Gaea he still liked being outside. His gaze had been idling over the white expanse when he spotted someone familiar, throwing an arm up in an overenthusiastic wave and shouting his friend-greeting. "TIDUS, MY LOVE!" His voice carried rather uncannily in the white stillness.

Tidus gave a little start and nearly dropped his books before he realized who it was. Getting himself together he rolled his eyes and turned around. "Zidane, DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!" he yelled back, trying not to snicker,

Zidane pouted, hands on his hips, though doubtful that the other blonde could see his expression. Of course his tone was expressive enough. "DOES MY LOVE SCARE YOU?" He drawled, pout fast becoming a grin. It was always fun to see how his friends treated his long-distance greeting. He had to admit that he was amused when Tidus jumped.

Tidus wandered over, sifting his armload of books over to one arm and ruffling Zidane's hair with the other. "Maybe?" he smirked.

"Aww. That's such a shame." He might've said that Reno's love scared him but he didn't want to assume that was what it was or even guess at the nature of it, instead providing a grin. "Because my love is eternal~" Zidane struck a dramatic pose.

"Oh stop it," Tidus laughed, ruffling the other blonde's hair again.

"...My heart weeps, Tidus. WEEPS." Zidane laid out a little more drama before bouncing right back to his cheerful nature. "Ah well, I'll just have to marry you when you're drunk."

Tidus blinked. "Oh really?"

Zidane nodded, grin ever present on his features. "Yep, seems I shall have to."

"And....what if I said screw getting drunk let's do it anyway?" Tidus teased.

Zidane's turn to blink. "Now we're skipping a step?" He gave a show of a vexed sigh. "Very well, but I refuse to be the wife. You're the pretty one here."

Tidus cracked up. "Fair enough," he managed to say.

"Good. And then we'll throw kupo nuts at Axel's spiky head." Zidane stated with a grin. "Moogles will attack him."

Tidus scowled a bit at the mention of Axel. "Asshole'd deserve it too"

"That's right. Nobody picks on my wife." Zidane shook a fist at no one in particular.

Tidus tried so hard not to laugh but eventually couldn't help it and cracked up again.

Of course, Zidane wasn't done with the Master Plan. "And then I'll take his wallet and buy you things."

"Like what?" Tidus was having too much fun with this.

"Well, hm.... The Wife likes blitzball so definitely a blitzball. Oh, and shoes. Wives love shoes. Maybe shiny things."

Tidus snickered and let him continue.

Zidane tilted his head slightly, a show of deep thought apparent on his features. "Hmm... flowers and chocolate. Those are like, standard!"

"Well yeah" Tidus said, scowling a little as the weight of the books in his arms were starting to make his arms hurt.

Zidane paused in his thread of thought, noticing the dirty look the books were getting. "...Need help? Looks like an evil load of books..."

Tidus nodde.d "Yeah"

"Okay." Zidane took what looked like half of the load, acting as though he were hefting something absurdly heavy. "Damn you're a strong wife."

Tidus just stuck his tongue out at Zidane and headed back to his dorm. "Thanks for the help," he said.

"Sure thing." Zidane said with his ever cheerful expression, keeping stride alongside Tidus. "Anything for the Wife~"

"Will you stop calling me that?" Tiidus said, hoping he wasn't blushing, but from the way his face was heating up, he figured he had to have been.

Zidane noticed the change in color on Tidus' face but chose not to remark on it. He was a terrible teaser and always ready to show off the fact but... "Alright, alright, blushing bride." Ooops...

Tidus acked, and blushed even worse. "Dammit..."

"Aw, sorry...." Zidane tried rather lamely to wave it off with his free hand. "Didn't mean to embarrass you so much..."

"I guess I get embarrassed easy," Tidus admitted. "Sorry..."

Zidane shrugged it off. "Nah, it's okay. Nothing wrong with that. Lotsa people think that's cute."

"I think it's cute, yeah, but still...sometimes it gets to be a bit much.." Tidus pushed open the door to the dorm and walked in. "Man I'm glad this got rebuilt...I don't think I could have stood another day with that blue-haired psycho freak...he scares me..."

"A bit much? Guess I don't think so..." He shrugged. Zidane had only seen the aforementioned freak in passing, but he nodded in agreement. "He does seem... severe." He couldn't think of another word that Tidus hadn't already made use of.

"He threatened to tear me to shreds in my sleep once...no matter how much Roxas always said to ignore him, I couldn't help but get a little freaked out." Tidus plopped down on a couch and sighed.

To that Zidane made a face. Small wonder the guy worried Tidus, though he'd ignored such threats before. But he recognized he wasn't exactly typical. "Why'd he threaten to do something like that to you?"

Tidus shrugged. "Dunno...well I know why Axel hated me... dunno about Saix though."

"Maybe he's crazy. No good reason to threaten to maim a Tidus." Zidane took a seat by the other blonde, setting the books beside him. They really were heavy things.

"Yeah well, you try cheating on Axel's best friend with somebody who looks a lot like him..." >_>

Zidane folded his arms, tail swaying as he took on a contemplative expression. "Hm... I don't think I'd be any good at that."

Tidus eyed Zidane's tail and smirked a little then reached over to tweak it a bit.

"Heeeey..." Zidane batted at Tidus' hand, trying to look indignant.

Tidus snickered and gave Zidane a hug. "Sorry, just looked fun..." Then he got an almost evil glint in his eyes and smirked again.

"...Eh, had worse." Zidane shrugged, or as best he might. Hell, Haku had yanked on it once. Definitely reminded him that the tail was attached to his spine.

Tidus quickly swooped in and gave Zidane a quick smooch then sat back and looked totally innocent. "So um..." Aw hell I didn't just do that..... he thought.

It took Zidane a few seconds to process that, blinking a few times and registering that he was likely blushing. But then his friend had just up and kissed him so... reasonable, right? Though really he thought he'd be desensitized now because of Reno's... being Reno.

"Sorry..." Tidu smumbled.

"Ah, no, it's uh, it's alright." Zidane made a vain attempt to wave it off. "Not like I'm mad or anything."

"Okay cool..." Tidus said picking up a book and flipping it open;

Well, that was confusing. And Zidane wasn't going to pretend he was a genius. Ah well.

Tidu sdidn't really pay attention to what he was reading, he was more or less ranting to himself about how stuppid he was for that liittle stunt.

Zidane noted the fact that Tidus' book was upside down, and poked his forehead. "I didn't know you could read that way...."

Tidus meeped and turned hi sbook right side up. "Man what was I thinking?" he mumbled to himself.

"...Maybe that it'd be less boring upside down?" Zidane offered in suggestion, though not entirely serious.

"Yeah true..." Man I'm lucky nobody's called me the school's resident slut yet...although I wouldn't put that past Axel....

Zidane frowned slightly. His lame humor was not working, which meant something was the matter. "What's wrong?"

Tidus put the book down and sighed. "Zidane...do you hink..people would think I was a total slut oif they knew how many guys I'd gone through since I'd gotten here?" he asked quietly.

Somehow Tidus didn't seem to compare to, say... that redhead, in Zidane's standards of sluts. "If they're dumb maybe. You're a good guy."

"Let's see...I tried to get ith one of my roommates, but he left, then Sora, then Roxas..now you..." Tidus sighed and stared up at the ceiling. "Maybe I should just go back to Zanarkand and never come back...."

"...Me?" Zidane had no idea how something like that contributed to Tidus being a slut. That didn't seem right at all. He shrugged it off since thinking about it wasn't really helping to reassure anyone. "Kissing someone doesn't make you a slut. Hell, Reno'd gain a ho level from how many times he's randomly done that to me..."

"Guess I'm just being moody, sorry," he said quietly.

"...Stop worrying about it. Do I seem bothered?" Zidane asked.

Tidus smiled. "Not really," he said.

Zidane grinned. "There you go. If I was offended I'd have your wallet."

Tidus laughed. "I don't have i on me."

"Aw, I'd be thwarted." Zidane gave an exaggerated sigh.

Tidus gave Zidane a hug and ruffled his hair.

Zidane made a noise. "Ahh my brain!"

Tidus snickered and kept it up.

Which of course meant Zidane made another indignant show. "Ack, you feind."

"You know you like it" Tidus smirked, but quit anyway.

Zidane made to fix the mess that was his hair. "Oh I love being a mess..." He shook his head as he spoke.

Tidus snickered and hugged Zidane again. "Okay I'm gonna go get started on th eres of my studying, okay?"

"Alright. Probably a good idea with finals and stuff." Zidane gave a nod, an arm managing to return the hug before ruffling Tidus' hair in retalliation. Of course, it didn't seem to do much. "Just must have evil powers, Wife."

"Yes dear," Tidus teased as he gathered up all his books and stood up. He sisn't have much farther to go to get to his room, so he could carry all his books up there. "Bye"

Zidane grinned, giving a wave. "Don't be too hard on yourself, or I'll have to do something about it."

"Like what?"

"Guess you'll find out." Zidane cast, standing up with a stretch.

"Bring it on," Tidus said, heading back to his room.

"And the Wife tempts fate~" Zidane drawled, though only to himself, heading back outside. Sure it was cold but when he went back home he wasn't going to see snow.
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