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First off I'd like to personally thank michrure for inspiring me for much of the idea of this RPG, the layout format, and the characters. It is because of her work on the community finalheartshigh that I came up with this RPG. *huggles* She's a great person and the RPG itself is a wonderful place too. Mich is also the one who came up with the name "Lithium Portal” and all credit goes to her for that name!

Another person I'd like to thank is hitori for all of her help in a good chunk of the profiles and some of the ideas for the RPG. She's an excellent friend and I hope a great Co-Mod. *huggles to death*

And finally I'd like to thank my best friend takaraxv for helping me on deciding what I should put in the community and for some of the profiles as well! *glomps and then tosses her 'threw' a brick wall*


--->Other Communities to Join
msa_lounge -- Teacher's Lounge
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Kingdom Hearts
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Genso Suikoden 3
Full Metal Alchemist

--->Information about Community
Madrian Sari Academy is a role play using the Live journals. This Role Play is set in an AU close to that of Kingdom Hearts and is set at an academy that teaches magic and other skills. This academy is set at University/College level. It combines games of Final Fantasy 5 to Final Fantasy X-2, Shadow Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts. It also has characters to apply for from Naruto, Suikoden 3, and Full Metal Alchemist. Role plays are done on AIM/MSN/Yahoo and Live Journal. This is a Yaoi RPG. If you don't know what Yaoi is, it is malexmale love. If you dislike it, leave! <3

--->School Information
Madrian Sari Academy is a place of learning. It is a private all boys college created by Amestris and Shin-Ra corporation in a joint operation for peace between the different worlds in the universe. Its purpose is to teach the universes new adults how to properly use magic, alchemy, and weapons as well as other academic and physical students.

The Academy exists on a lost planet that once belonged to summoners. It’s because of the ancient magic around the school that allows the students to use such a wide variety of magic with ease. The planet’s location is unknown and students must go through the Lithium Portal’s main gate to go to the school. The school is surrounded by a large old and very dangerous forest known as the “Petrified Forest.”

The forest has long since kept people from properly exploring the world because of its dangers and numerous violent monsters. Those who have tried have usually died. Though the forest keeps people from finding everything about the world, it is rumored that if someone were to find the Guardians Sanctuary they may be able to properly find the lost summoner village. Alas, no one has yet to accomplish such; at least from current and well known knowledge.

--->Elemental Information
Each student is required to choose up to two elements in which they will strive to learn in their fields. These elements help decide the students strengths and weaknesses in battle. If students were to spar, then the weaknesses and strengths that come with their elements are with them always. It also shows what the student should be learning magic wise. Elements can be, but are not limited too, Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Dark, Light, Holy, Non-elemental, Earth, Ground, Air, etc. It is up to you to decide.

1. Be friendly. If you have a problem with someone, talk to one of us three mods instead of possibly making the situation worse.
2. This is AU, but that doesn't mean you can go completely OOC. It is still set around a firm general base for each character, but will some AU culture to it.
3. Just because I say stay IC, it doesn't mean you can't do OOC roleplays for the fun it. Those are also welcomed amongst the regular IC.
4. When posting Art, RPG's, or anything else please try and remember to put a subject on them. Art is for art, fanfiction is for fanfiction, and RPG's should have a statement of if they're IC or OOC.
5. The most important things are to ask questions. If you have an idea, tell someone! If there is any way to help make the community RPG even more fun, that's great!
5. Please try to post at LEAST 2-3 times a week. If you can't be active for some reason, please leave a note in an OOC post on your character LJ or tell one of the mods.
6. Overall, just have fun! The plot itself is very limited, so create your own, though sometimes there will be some extra.
7. This is a YAOI RPG. This means there is sex and the like between two males. If you don’t like it, please refrain from joining.
8. As of now we do have minors roleplaying. Please be sure to hide sexually explicated writings behind LJ-cuts!
9. Memes are allowed, but put them on LJ-cuts. I want some meaningful roleplaying minna!
10. Please be sure to join the two other communities listed at the top!

Dorm Information
Class Information
Quick Add List
IM Contact List
Calendar of Events
Information on School Layout

*For any information not here, please check the Memories section the community or post in the community and ask. <3

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palegatecity - A Suikoden RPG.
predilection_rp - A Gravitation RPG.

-The School- Madrian Sari Academy. The grounds are large with Magical Creatures and Herbology held outside.
-Lithium Portal (the town)- The main world where Shin-Ra corp. and Amestris share joint custody. It is where the students can go to on their free time, as long as they have a pass, to hang out and shop.
-Petrified Forest- Forbidden by students. It’s a dangerous place with great power hidden within it.
-Summoning Village- A lost village on Madrian Sari that is only learned through historical documents and stories. No one as manage to go through the forest far enough to get to the village. Rumor has it you must find the Guardians' Sanctuary first.

--->Contact Information
In the case you have any questions you may easily message one of us mods through our live journals, on AIM/MSN/Yahoo, or through email.
shinistrife - AIM: KuroNightmare MSN/Email: Heather_Tsouki @ hotmail.com - Main Mod
chibi_chichiri - AIM: Majutsu Usagi - Kuja Mod